Two new Aberdeen-Angus bulls join the line up

This week sees the addition of two new exciting Aberdeen-Angus sires to the Norbreck sire line up.

Both with excellent figures and breed characteristics, the first up is HW Main Man. By Netherton Kracker P790, he’s out of HW Merry Missie P427, out of the great Netherton Missie family.

HW Main Man

With an eye muscle score of +8.9 and +2.5 for retail beef yield, he’s ranked as one of the best in the breed for these traits.  he also has a Terminal Index and Selp Replacing Index in the top 1% of the breed. This exceptional sire is sure to do the business for any farmer. You can view his full profile here.

Next up we have Weeton Equality, bred from the Famous Weeton Eyrie S495, herself a daughter of Blelack Eyrie G197, while the sire is the easy calving sire Quaker Hill Dead Centre.

With a short gestation length and low birth weight in the top 1% of the breed, this lad also has a top 1% eye muscle score of +7.3, coupled with top 1% Terminal Index and Self Replacing Indexes. Take a full look at him here.

Enquiries on both bulls can be made to Philip Halhead on 07949 733747 or Sally Lloyd on 07805 626155.




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