In a world facing chronic and increasing shortages in food and natural resources, visionary leadership in agriculture becomes more and more critical for building and maintaining a sustainable future. It is of paramount importance that the dynamic and challenging evolution in agriculture over the last century and a half be met today with imaginative leadership in virtually all aspects of activities and organizations involved.

Philip is a passionate speaker about the need for UK Agriculture (particularly Dairy Farms) to learn more about people management and make positive strides towards training and motivation of the workforce and the next generation coming onto farms.

The passion Philip gives in his many presentations is formed from personal business success and many learning points from his global travel along with training and courses to develop his own awareness of what individuals and organisations require:

Completed a course in America (Florida) on Leadership (YDLI) courtesy of the American Holstein Foundation in 2005 & 2006.

Awarded the Certificate in Leadership & Management after completing a one year course at Lancaster University Management school.

2014 TSDG Scholarship award to study Leadership & Management of large dairy herds in America.

Currently milking 300 Holstein dairy cows on 3 x day milking/fully housed operation at the home farm near Lancaster, Lancashire. The dairy replacements are contract reared several miles from the home farm.

Philip is Managing Director of Norbreck Genetics Ltd, a company founded in 1999 to provide quality beef semen to UK dairy farmers via Semex UK and smaller independant retailers. The business has seen massive growth over recent years and exports beef semen worldwide.


Norbreck Genetics

The Halhead family has a long and deeply rooted history in cattle breeding and dairy farming.

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