Selecting the next generation

The importance of bull selection here at Norbreck Genetics is the most critical piece of a very complex jigsaw that allows our dairy farmer customers to benefit from THREE KEY OUTCOMES:
  1. EASY CALVING – short gestation length with average birth weights
  2. FAST GROWTH – calves that are thrifty from day one and exhibit rapid growth
  3. HIGH VALUE – our team spend a lot of time with the supply chain understanding and helping our customers achieve maximum value from all calves born on the farm
The team here start with an in depth ‘desk top’ study of many pedigrees and data sets that provide a multi generational analysis of the possible bulls that will be suitable for our customers.
Once we have identified a potential young bull, it is then essential to visit the individual farms and assess the structure, soundness and suitable health criteria of the individuals before the final selection and acceptance to enter the Norbreck bull team.
IZ PICK ME is one such British Blue bull where our involvement took a more in depth approach. We sourced the dam of Pick Me, Eminente De La Praule, from Belgium as she was the daughter of the dam of Agile De La Praule, one of the most successful BB bulls in recent years. Then we helped the Williams family to correctively mate this imported heifer to another incredibly successful BB bull, Roundhill Ice.
The result of this plan and hard work by the Williams family and the Norbreck Genetics team is a next generation recruit. Take a rare look into the future with this short video of our future star that will enter the stud facility in 2021.




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