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Sourcing great cows for UK dairy farmers has been a service Norbreck Genetics has offered for more than 10 years. Our partner in Holland Bles Dairies Livestock has over 25 years’ experience in the export of heifers. Export of high quality Holstein Friesian heifers is core business of Bles Dairies Livestock. We are a leading exporter of Holstein Friesian cows sourced globally according to our clients specifications. We work closely with the client from the first request to pre-selection, shipment and eventually follow up support in the management of these heifers in their new environment. Bles Dairies Livestock’s clients include foreign governments, large and small scale farmers/ farms, family farms and investors in dairy farming.

Full loads (33 heifers) or part loads can be selected by you or on your behalf by our experienced team. We will fly customers to Holland or Germany and help you select the cattle required along with overnight Hotel accomodation.


No agents or dealers involved in the buying chain. Norbreck Genetics home farm has over 300 Holstein cows and selects heifers on the basis if they arrive in the UK and our customer does not like it we would milk it on our home farm !!


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All heifers are robust types that suit modern large herd environments. Full pedigree and production records provided with high protein milk yields expected from many years of selection for milk quality in Holland


Talk to our team about help with financing arrangements if required.


We are pleased to discuss your requirements from any country worldwide, from Botswana to Brazil, Holland to Honduras. Please contact Philip Halhead about quotes for embryos, semen or live breeding cattle.


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