Norbreck Farming

With our customers we meet the demand for good quality milk with high nutritional content to serve the world’s growing population. We do this by providing the best cows, genetics, knowledge and training to all players in the dairy value chain and sector.

Norbreck Farm origins date as far back as 1718 when the first buildings to house livestock were erected. However it was in 1900 with the birth of the late Richard Halhead that the Halhead family started their own dairy farm. Norbreck Genetics was started alongside Norbreck Farm in 1999 and  founded by Philip Halhead who is the group’s current CEO. Norbreck Farm is a modern high tech dairy farm located in Cockerham, Lancaster, UK. Active across the dairy value chain, Norbreck Genetics & Farming operation applies its experience in cropping, feed, feeding, nutrition, dairy cows, genetics, reproduction, breeding, milking, farm management, herd management, in a complimentary manner to address our clients’ needs. Being a network organization we are partners to and work with various dairy sector alliances and organizations.

Central to our success on the farm is the team who work hard to make our cows happy, led by Nick Haigh with Wayne Stevens, Peter Senior and Sally Weatherby the main team are also supported by a number of part time milking technicians.

We have a very clear mission that guide our principles and daily activity to ensure great outcomes for our people and our cattle:

Mission Statement

Norbreck Genetics

The Halhead family has a long and deeply rooted history in cattle breeding and dairy farming.

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