Norbreck Genetics Bulls

Bulls designed & bred to produce quality progeny – nothing ordinary, we want the best for you.

Our mission here at Norbreck Genetics is to provide the bulls that our customers demand. We ask what our customers need and then provide the bulls that will produce the progeny required. Our unique selling point is that we also own and manage a large dairy herd and a suckler cow operation. This allows our team to see first hand the progeny that our bulls produce. The extensive testing regime with our volunteer farmers also means the calving data we provide is robust and very repeatable on large numbers of cows in the UK and Worldwide. We work with the whole supply chain to ensure costs are kept to a minimum, helping to add value at every opportunity and prevent unnecessary waste at any point.

We work with farmers and breeding companies in many different countries. Supermarkets, calf buyers, auctions and industry consultants seek advice from our expert team on strategy, forward planning and execution of initiatives.
You are welcome to contact our team for advice at any time.

Bull Categories
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Aberdeen Angus

The breed with the brand, recognised globally as the breed focused on great beef for the consumer.

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Over 30 years of expertise in breeding and selection of the ‘blues’, we are the experts and this breed delivers profitable beef production to everyone in the supply chain

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Our Charolais bulls selected from France’s largest calving ease test station

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One of the most traditional breeds with calving ease at the heart of its ethos

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The ‘carcase’ breed, calving ease and ideal butchers carcases make this breed central to our portfolio

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Popular thanks to the Morrisons Supermarket scheme, one of our traditional British icons

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Designed to give growth along with good maternal attributes, put some power and size into your cattle

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Welsh Black

Try a few straws, this breed is extra fertile and well known to get those difficult cows in calf

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Mixed Semen
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