About Norbreck

The Halhead family has a long and deeply rooted history in cattle breeding and dairy farming. Richard Halhead born in 1900 came to Norbreck Farm and grew the mixed cattle and arable farm. In 1965 Richard Thornton Halhead took over the business expanding the family dairy farm and in 1992 Philip Halhead in Partnership with family grew the agri-business to 300 Holstein milking cows alongside a very successful pedigree beef breeding operation.

1999 Norbreck Genetics began as a new and exciting idea to improve the quality of beef calves born from Dairy and Beef cattle. FOCUSED on EASY CALVING and SUPERIOR CALF QUALITY to give our customers maximum returns from calf sales.


We have a deep desire to continually invest and find the very best pedigree genetics that will improve the outcomes for our customers in the UK and worldwide.

Philips expertise extends to a depth of knowledge unrivalled in the industry and enables a fast moving and resilient approach to sourcing genetics. Particular focus remains with Blue and Aberdeen Angus cattle and other major beef breeds alongside a fast moving Holstein Genomics investment programme to improve all areas of Dairy farming income.

Industry Partners

Partnership is what we are about. We work with some of the biggest genetics companies in the world and some of the smallest too!! Unlike other semen companies we see ourselves as a partner, not as a competitor to our customers.

Norbreck Genetics offers customers the total solution in Beef semen and genetics making profitability a given. We encourage our customers to call and discuss your needs we can tailor our genetics to suit your needs.


Our continuous investment in new genetics means our customers benefit from the latest stream of innovation

Norbreck Farming

The Halhead family operates a modern pedigree Dairy & Beef breeding operation

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Philip is a passionate motivational speaker. Leadership of people in a growing farming business and the development of teams a speciality.

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