Norbreck Genetics present at The Semex International Distributors conference

This week see’s Norbreck Genetics’ director Philip Halhead present at The Semex International Distributors conference where he will be discussing beef cross dairy calves and supply chain management.

Below is a summary of Philip’s presentation:

The next normal:

My story started 27 years ago in 1993 when I sold my first British Blue bull to a breeding company selling semen to dairy farmers. During the following seven years until 1999 I focussed on breeding and selecting the most suitable bloodlines before officially launching Norbreck Genetics which now focusses on beef from the dairy herd. We have helped several major AI organisations over the last 20 years to develop a beef strategy and since 2010 we have concentrated on working closely with the Semex Alliance to rapidly grow and develop the UK and European beef on dairy offering.

Below are a few key factors that secures Norbreck Genetics a seat at the table when it comes to discussing the beef supply chain:

  • Some 30 years ago we identified that calving ease is critical to customer satisfaction. Diary herd size was, and still is, getting bigger so the need to give a stress-free calving is paramount for a dairy cow to recover quickly and not suffer any post calving traumas.
  • Our unique selling point has been our ability to identify and source “curve bender bulls” those that produce calves born @ 40 – 50 kg (80 – 100 lb) that develop quickly.
  • The focus is also on growth rates and efficiency, both of which are critical to financial success for growers (rearing units and finishing units).
  • As the race intensifies to secure beef from dairy herds, the supply chain values beef calves coming from well managed Holstein or Friesian dairy cows – larger framed animals with potential for big growth.
  • On farm health protocols and colostrum management is scrutinised to ensure each calf has the best start possible with minimum disruption to calf health and welfare.

The above video is an example of some of our Norbreck Genetics sired calves.

When looking at global distribution it’s important to understand the following areas:

  • Make sure you all have a team member who has a depth of knowledge that covers both dairy and beef – you will need a clear plan and strategy to articulate what is required. Give your customers a vision of the future in your region or country of how this can add value to their farming operation.
  • Don’t be distracted by niche markets. Go for large, mainstream market segments. Look at what is already working and help it grow.
  • Good industry examples exist in pig and poultry production on how supply chains partner for growth.
  • This is the agricultural industry’s equivalent of the “Gold Rush”.

Three most critical factors to success in the beef on dairy space:

  • Passion – For the beef sector and the product your customers can produce.
  • Brand – Consumers and your clients want to believe in the quality of what you produce.
  • Story – Tell your story, but more importantly make sure everyone hears your story.

We are here to help our global partners in the beef on dairy space and welcome the opportunity to discuss a strategy and a vision with you individually.





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